Aman Aman Aman Aman
Posted 359 days ago


Just glass broken.have charger box..
  • Brand : Lenovo
  • Color : White
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Aman Aman ohh
  • Muhammad Saeed I think courier have not update yet
  • Muhammad Saeed Still option is not there
  • Aman Aman accept the payment
  • Aman Aman welcome bro
  • Muhammad Saeed Ok dear no worries thanks
  • Aman Aman bro i dnt have headphone and bill
  • Muhammad Saeed Hi dear you have not send original bill and headset do you have ?
  • Muhammad Saeed Ok thanks
  • Aman Aman no my friend
  • Muhammad Saeed Ok change the price there is no any other issue in the phone
  • Aman Aman now your wish my friend
  • Muhammad Saeed Make 140
  • Aman Aman if you like then say
  • Aman Aman I can make it 145
  • Muhammad Saeed 120
  • Aman Aman friend...
  • Muhammad Saeed Ok make 100
  • Aman Aman this is last
  • Aman Aman sorry bro
  • Ali Rehman 90
  • Zach Efy make price 80
  • Aman Aman bro if you buy then you pay 75
  • Muhammad Saeed Hi can take for 75 even 200 is brand. New if can thanks
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145 AED, delivery included