Cheryl Cheryl
Posted 387 days ago

NEW lenovo A2016a40 #sealed pack

Absolutely new.. Supposed to send to my family back home but my son dont like the model
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  • Vaishnavi Baskaran hello. can u update the price. so that I can buy
  • Vaishnavi Baskaran can u update the price
  • Vaishnavi Baskaran update the price
  • Vaishnavi Baskaran it has bill n warranty rite.
  • Cheryl Sorry 385 last
  • Vaishnavi Baskaran I want to buy
  • Vaishnavi Baskaran make it 350
  • Prima lou Aradais inches ???
  • Cheryl 385
  • Muhammedarshad63 last price
  • Cheryl 385 .. sealed pack warranty
  • sulaimanvas1 warranty?
  • sulaimanvas1 300
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