Fresh guitar 30 inch box pack
Ashok Adhikari Ashok Adhikari

Fresh guitar 30 inch box pack

Almost New Guitar, Hurry up!! Comes with box. String and pick free!!!!
  • Condition : Lightly Used
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Mohammed Jaber ???
  • عادل محمد nice
  • Mohammed Jaber Available??
  • Ashok Adhikari sorry
  • Shaji 120
  • Ashok Adhikari Depends on interests,
  • Sami65 how bad is this guitar for it to be sold three times in a row 😂
  • Ashok Adhikari 150 final
  • Shaji Last price
  • Ahmedkhaled is it available
  • Ashok Adhikari IDk all that
  • syed akbar which brand
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148 AED, delivery included