Mani Khan Mani Khan
Posted 385 days ago

Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge 32 Gb

Selling my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge 32 Gb Working fine small dot on screen
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Nasik Gul Available?
  • naqash sheikh ok come
  • Mani Khan Okay come on chat I’ll send you pics and we can have a deal done then
  • naqash sheikh 650 ?
  • Mani Khan Yes available
  • Ali nawaz is it available??
  • naqash sheikh bro in posible 650 so change price so i buy this
  • Yalla Sadiqe what????
  • Yalla Sadiqe whats???
  • Mani Khan Sorry
  • Yalla Sadiqe charger handfree??
  • Yalla Sadiqe accecries??
  • Yalla Sadiqe ok change price
  • Mani Khan Okay
  • Yalla Sadiqe now you are agree 600???
  • Yalla Sadiqe ok
  • Mani Khan U need to come collect not selling this price on app sorry
  • Yalla Sadiqe ????
  • Yalla Sadiqe accecries???
  • Yalla Sadiqe ok change price
  • Mani Khan Okay come collect
  • Yalla Sadiqe 600 is last
  • naeemfatiwala 550
  • Mani Khan On sides
  • zayar Where is small dot? How much last price?
  • Yalla Sadiqe 550 is ok
  • Mani Khan 750
  • Imran Khan last how mach
  • Mani Khan Single sim try to come collect your self need cash fast
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