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Posted 347 days ago

Brand new Earphones never used

Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • waseem humayo Ok i send u msg on whats app 👍🏻
  • MuscleMan Sorry brother 0506331710
  • waseem humayo There is one number missing plz check and give me Correct number
  • waseem humayo Bro your number is incorrect
  • waseem humayo I will send u a msg on whats app when u free rep me back
  • MuscleMan But I am in Office now can not talk please
  • MuscleMan 050633170
  • waseem humayo Bro give me your whats app number
  • MuscleMan People buying for 10aed and expect to perform like 200 AED
  • waseem humayo Give me your number?
  • MuscleMan U know I am being humiliated on Melltoo just for 10 AED sales to u?
  • waseem humayo And how can u do that?
  • MuscleMan I had to sent u replacement
  • waseem humayo Wht is your alternative option for me?
  • waseem humayo What can i say tO u
  • waseem humayo This is yOur final decision?
  • MuscleMan I don’t like rejection when I am fair and try my best honestly
  • MuscleMan I deleted all my 17 items
  • MuscleMan No I decided to quit Melltoo now
  • waseem humayo Replace me tha handfree and Don,t close your account ok
  • waseem humayo Ok i can accept that u the handfree u give me has a problem but this is not a solution that u will close your account forever
  • waseem humayo Don,t close your account ok
  • waseem humayo Why are u Doing this
  • MuscleMan I am closing my account on Melltoo because of your rejection But before that I want you remain happy so I can offer u a replacement of that headphones. Then I will close and quit Melltoo forever
  • waseem humayo Yes bro the melltO guys are saying u want to contact me?
  • MuscleMan You are most welcome brother
  • waseem humayo Bye bro
  • waseem humayo When u get the earphone check it than u will see So muCh problem in it
  • MuscleMan It is Ok I sent u with absolute good faith and perfect product, but sometimes it happens
  • waseem humayo Now with this what is my fault
  • MuscleMan Leave it, no problem
  • waseem humayo And wht is yOur alternative option🤔
  • MuscleMan You should have communicated me first, now they will deduct 40 from my account where as the price of this I was getting 10 only
  • waseem humayo The Courier guy will contact me some few hours ?
  • waseem humayo Bro i already cliCk return option
  • MuscleMan Ok Don’t return it keep it, I will give u an alternative solution
  • waseem humayo I already cliCk Return option sorry bro if Quality was GooD i will never Return but u said it,s Quality is good. That,s why i buy but you are Wrong bro,
  • MuscleMan Brother don’t return it, I sold it in perfect condition I get 10 AED only and Melltoo charges are 25
  • waseem humayo I will return this
  • waseem humayo Bro it,s Quality is so low and u said this Quality is GooD
  • waseem humayo Some one take it,
  • waseem humayo Bro i can buy in 25?
  • MuscleMan Inbox me I will send u more photos
  • MuscleMan This one is brand new
  • waseem humayo U use it?
  • waseem humayo Sure it,s a GOod Quality?
  • MuscleMan Not original, but still very good quality
  • waseem humayo It,s not genuine right?
  • MuscleMan 40 final
  • MuscleMan Very good quality
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35 AED, delivery included