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Posted 404 days ago

Blue laser ( burns )

Power blue laser light Burns things with its light
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas ?
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Bro what about 200
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Hi
  • Ailaf Kapdi yeah.... like u said
  • znj so don't say things without knowing, anyone can say anything,
  • Ailaf Kapdi try*
  • Ailaf Kapdi how u know.... May be u buy from someone selling 1 dhs stuff.... what I saw says that it cuts... but I didn't get
  • znj new boy ?
  • Ailaf Kapdi lol .... I think you're a new boy in meltoo😂😂
  • znj so guys I had a chat, he didn't even try it, it's not the laser cutter, it's the green laser which doesn't cut
  • znj sent
  • Ailaf Kapdi yeah it does.... 0501219247.. .. send me hii
  • znj cool watsap me 0554881239, hope it cuts n burns objects
  • Ailaf Kapdi Brother .... pay me double... bcoz I have found the laser cheaper than 50 dhs
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas 😂😂😂😂😂
  • znj Ok i will give u for 100dh the green laser but not box
  • عادل محمد 100
  • znj Yo
  • znj Come watsap 0504977907
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Ok bro how much can u do last
  • znj Lol if u find for 100 dh this laser i will pay u double
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas 100
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