Posted 374 days ago

Tp router

Just 2 week used
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • HUM TUM ok
  • Pierre Estephan thank you
  • Pierre Estephan this is my watts app 0507943555 pls just if you can send me the password thanks
  • HUM TUM there is small button keep contenu press that button for 10 second it will be reset and then u can set ur own what ever u want
  • Pierre Estephan How to reset?
  • HUM TUM plz reset bro
  • Pierre Estephan Hi pls I want the password of the router thank you
  • HUM TUM done 50 check
  • HUM TUM 100% working
  • Pierre Estephan Hi make it 50 I will buy it but should be working
  • HUM TUM up
  • HUM TUM up
  • HUM TUM up
  • HUM TUM no sory bro that was final for u
  • faiz rehman make 40 i will buy now
  • faiz rehman i thought 2 weeks used with warranty
  • HUM TUM thats final for u bro if u want ok
  • faiz rehman if no warranty then 40
  • HUM TUM i use only 2 weeks and then changed its working conditions bro
  • faiz rehman u said only used for 2 weeks so it should have warranty
  • HUM TUM i buy other linksys thatsway i take out this one
  • faiz rehman warranty?
  • HUM TUM working fine
  • faiz rehman does this have warranty and working fine?
  • HUM TUM check now
  • HUM TUM u buy
  • HUM TUM ok i will make 50 for u
  • faiz rehman 50
  • HUM TUM up
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50 AED, delivery included