jennie jennie
Posted 346 days ago

S4 mini

Not working Software crash No charger but the plug is free
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • jennie No
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed 100
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed so that's why I am telling
  • jennie Pls read details belos the picture
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed working
  • jennie I also got the phone here
  • jennie When I bought that never ask for discount so be fair. I just don’t like the size cause its small so i decided to sale it back
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed 100 now this is fair price
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed I need it make some discount
  • jennie Thas my last price fix
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed give me in good price
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed 90
  • jennie The rest of the price is delivery charge can’t give you 80
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed 80
  • jennie I also bought it from here. And wanted to fix but its to small so I bought bigger one
  • jennie Not at all, but i think if you will do repair for this it works
  • jennie The-screen is ok
  • Asif Baloch is it turn on show something?
  • Asif Baloch screen is ok?
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