Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahman
Posted 339 days ago

Samsung J3 pro

Samsung J3 pro with red colour cover and all accessories and front LED flash light .camer:13MP/15MP .items:charger ,hear phone.
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Condition : NEW
  • Color : Black
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  • Mohamed shamil No problems
  • Muktar which warranty you have? and many month??
  • Muktar is it have any problem??
  • Mohamed shamil 550
  • Muktar ok, how about last price??
  • Nadeem Akbar i want to buy
  • Nadeem Akbar come on chat
  • Mohamed shamil Do you want
  • Mohamed shamil Yes
  • Muktar you have warranty??
  • Mohamed shamil For 1 week
  • Muktar how long used ??
  • faymoo How mcuh last and best prices
  • Mohamed shamil What
  • Nadeem Akbar chk ur chat
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