Rai-Han Rai-Han
Posted 244 days ago

Goldplated jewellery for ladies necklace

1 gram gold plated Mattel is copper that’s way never to change colour 2 year colour guaranteed
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Karthi Ks thank u let me know
  • Rai-Han Rai-Han That is good quality copper mettal nd put 2 milli goldplated that’s way never to change colour Becouse 2 year guaranty nd selling in my showroom also same gold plated jewelry
  • Karthi Ks I ready to buy but I want check gold plate quality how
  • Rai-Han Rai-Han You can buy or not that price
  • Rai-Han Rai-Han For you 300 please
  • Karthi Ks I say my price
  • Rai-Han Rai-Han How much you pay last
  • Karthi Ks if u possible only
  • Rai-Han Rai-Han I can make it for you 320
  • Karthi Ks I ready to pay 250
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