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Samsung S6..32gb..3gb ram..4g..single si

Samsung s6 32gb..4gb ram..4g..single sim..original USA mobile..looking like new..not any single scratch...with charging cable only..I have gold color right now...minor shade on screen..but not visible
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  • Naveen Goud Bomma test me on what's up
  • Naveen Goud Bomma test me on what's up
  • Naveen Goud Bomma 0524942166
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  • Naveen Goud Bomma last price bro
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  • Naveen Goud Bomma mAke it 400
  • Jitender jangir dear any Samsung mobile phone...press *#0*# and select receiver option...white screen on...you can check any shade on screen
  • Jitender jangir dear merlinda you must search on Google...s6 and s6 edge ...
  • Jitender jangir dear its not a line or dark spot...only menu icon...pink color on screen you can see on pic...I already updated on this post...
  • Rushil It will have a line or a dark spot on the display I hope that is what it means. It has some damage on the screen or the lcd.
  • Danish Khokhar boss whats mean minor shade on scren
  • Merlinda pls answer my messge i want to buy now but im confused on your post.
  • Merlinda is this edge?
  • Jitender jangir gold...in this picture...this is
  • Merlinda what color u have
  • Jitender jangir pink shade that's why I m selling cheap price
  • Jitender jangir dear no Display problem....only minor pink shade on screen...but not visible...I already updated picture please check all pictures...you can see.. over all Mobile working very well
  • shafeeq thayyil display problem or
  • Jitender jangir 500 last ....100% original but pink shade on screen
  • shafeeq thayyil 375 ok
  • Merlinda original?
  • Jitender jangir pink shade picture updated on melltoo...you can see...pink menu button you can see on screen but not visible
  • Jitender jangir v10 last 523 I changed the price
  • SRIROHIT v10 500
  • SRIROHIT change price.....
  • Jitender jangir dear all 500 last and final price
  • Jitender jangir sorry dear 511 I can do last
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  • Yammi Shahid dear send me your whats up number??
  • Jitender jangir first you need to buy...than I will send you
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  • Princess N Pls send picture of the blue? Thank u
  • Jitender jangir yes available
  • Princess N Blue available?
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  • M Latif 500
  • Fawad Abbasi 500
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  • Jitender jangir no Mobile and charger only
  • Princess N Do u have with box and complete accessories pls?
  • Danish Khokhar 550
  • shazaib sheikh 535Aed is ok
  • Ahmed aezzt 500
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