Clik Pik Clik Pik
Posted 336 days ago

Memory Card for Mobile Phones

Bundle Offer for memory card for your portable Devices
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Clik Pik I ll investigate bcz when I give card to Courier all working might be it replaced or something
  • Vyom Vyom but i don't know i doesn't complaint to mellto thn i was click on return
  • Vyom Vyom I don't know whats wrong wth my cards maybe something happened while deliver to me.
  • Clik Pik U have returned option plz return to me
  • Abdul Rahman ohh so only we both got the defected ones
  • Clik Pik On 11 Aed what I can make u plz if u don't like return the goods
  • Abdul Rahman before buying I asked if it works u told me that it is working that's the reason I bought
  • Clik Pik I already sold more than 20 pcs and never got a complaint
  • Clik Pik It's working and perfect why I make u fool
  • Vyom Vyom bcoz me also received 3 memory cards same peoblm here.
  • Vyom Vyom maybe he is making fool us.
  • Abdul Rahman it is telling to insert cd drive
  • Abdul Rahman just received the memory cards and none of them are working
  • Abdul Rahman hi
  • Vyom Vyom if anybody pickup from there thnsg me.
  • Vyom Vyom accept it man.
  • Vyom Vyom accept plz
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40 AED, delivery included