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🌷 KPADS with Negative ion from JC Premiere Products 💓K-Pads is the first anti-dysmenorrhea napkin which has anion capabilities. 💋The embedded negative ion strip can increase energy,💛enhance immunity, 💖regulate, 💜lessen heavy periods, 💙balance hormones, 💖mood and 💘kill bacteria causing odor. 👄Kpads also has 8 layers in order to prevent any leakage during heavy menstrual period. 💋It can help you prevent from: 👉UTI,MYOMA,DYSMENORRHEA, MENSTRUAL PROBLEM,HEMORRHOIDS,INFLAMMATION VIRAL,BACTERIAL INFECTION ,HORMONAL IMBALANCE ,CERVICAL CANCER? Here are some of KPADS Benefits👇👇 👉Anti dysmenorrhea 👉Balance hormone and mood 👉kills bacteria causing odor 👉reduce irritation 👉remove odor 👉it has negative ion strip can increase energy 👉it has a menthol effect 👉it can absorb liquid and hold liquid up to 150ml. Try our new Kpads sanitary napkins with negative ions strip on it. It will help the circulation and flow of your blood, It eases the pain , makes u feel fresh , and most of all it makes you stay healthy. 😂Regular Flow (KPADS DAY) DAY USE 10pcs per pack 😭Heavy Flow (KPADS NIGHT) NIGHT USE 8pcs per pack 😅Panty Liner (KPADS LINER) DAILY USE 30pcs per pack: PAds 10pcs ➡ PAntyliner30pcs ➡ Night pads 8cs➡ ✈️ We Ship International 📍Open to DISTRIBUTOR & RESELLERS. For orders and inquiries please message me or whatsapp, viber me@ 📲 🇦🇪+971504515090
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