Mani Khan Mani Khan
Posted 329 days ago

Samsung S7 Edge smart phone dot on scree

S7 edge dot on screen
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  • Angel Revelar 600
  • انس العواقله 648
  • Mani Khan Price down
  • Pusparaj Ghimire i have 600
  • Rafy Curimatmat 600
  • Pusparaj Ghimire friend 600
  • legendry one mani khan change the price to 650 I'll buy wallah
  • Mani Khan Yes avaliable
  • Meelan Leembu make it 600 now
  • legendry one mani khan sir
  • Qadeer Abbas tell me if available
  • Qadeer Abbas m serious buyer
  • Qadeer Abbas available?
  • Mani Khan Ok deal
  • Meelan Leembu 600 I will buy
  • Omid Love hi boss how many GB this phone??
  • Meelan Leembu 600
  • waseem humayo Where is Dot located?
  • Ali nawaz check in your inbox
  • Mani Khan Okay
  • Ali nawaz please send me pics...i need..
  • Ali nawaz send me the pic of dot
  • Mani Khan Sorry for late reply yes ok 650
  • Adem Özkaya bro 650 ok ?
  • Mani Khan Hello send me direct message
  • biobaxs where is the dot located
  • Meelan Leembu 600
  • Rushil If warrenty is not over, you can give it to samsung smart service. They can do it to you for free. I too had the same problem. Dot on screen J7 Prime.
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