Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova
Posted 353 days ago

New Samsung charger original Type C

Original types C ,available other kind Samsung charger
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova I return back for his original price
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova yes
  • Nish Veena is it original samsung..?
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova hi I can give for 60 dhm I change price u can purchase
  • Nish Veena 50 ok
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova 5.0v-1.0A
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova 100-240 v
  • Fahad_Hadi voltage amperage?
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova Meltoo free credit left 1 day. Hurry up for purchase
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova hurry up meltoo free credit going to be expired
  • Guzalinda_Djumaniyazova Hurry up free credit going to be expired. Buy before expired
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