B.K. B.K.
Posted 382 days ago

40 pieces Dinnerset

Buy brand new Royalford dinner set!
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • B.K. Pls confirm you want me to accept your purchase, it’s without coffee maker.
  • B.K. If you are not buying, I will delete this advertise and re upload at 170 without coffee maker. Many times I tried to remove those pictures don’t know Melltoo seems to have some issues with it..
  • B.K. Yes, It’s melamine.. sorry, can’t make anything lower than 155 my friend
  • J7 Prime without cofee maker reduce price to 140...i will buy know.
  • J7 Prime its mileamine???
  • B.K. Hey, pls let me know if you are not buying.
  • B.K. Coffee maker is already sold so no more available
  • B.K. Ok, done but it’s only dinner set.. pls go ahead and buy.
  • J7 Prime 155 i will buy now
  • B.K. Hi, this is stock clearance. Already discounted by 30% as compared to market price. It’s below cost sale. Unfortunately I can’t reduce it any more. Thanks
  • J7 Prime 155
  • J7 Prime a55
  • B.K. Up
  • B.K. Up
  • B.K. Up
  • B.K. Sorry Jema
  • Jema Paasa 150 plz
  • B.K. Up
  • B.K. Up
  • B.K. Up
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155 AED, delivery included