Mark Jet_Manalaysay Mark Jet_Manalaysay
Posted 352 days ago

Gigabyte 7970 3gb gddr5

hi im selling Amd Gigabyte 7970 3gb gddr5 1000mhz core clock Hdmi/Dvi/2miniDP 384bit interface price 1700aed online pm me cause I cant open ads never oc runs very cool 3 fans silent even in games.plays every game high to ultra tested games farcry 3,4,5 crysis games the forest bf 1 and 4 cod world war dota pubg very clean used with care. rfs. quit gaming :(
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  • Morrad Good deal :)
  • दिपक दाहाल 300
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay Up
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay If u really want to buy direct message me.
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay My price is very low already check in dubizzle and compare the performance of it to my card. Thank you guys though
  • Sreyas_Sajeev bro discount plzzz💕
  • दिपक दाहाल i like your item but I can't afford ok if possible 340 AED than I will bye
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay This is a very powerful card pair it with any descent cpu even i3 can play any games
  • deepak dahal 320
  • दिपक दाहाल 300
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay Up
  • manisha dahal 300
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay Up play ur games with 3gb ddr5 ultra
  • manisha dahal 280
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay Up
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