Morrad Morrad
Posted 375 days ago

Dell Inspiron i5 laptop screen is broken

Dell Inspiron laptop . Intel processors i5 321 OM CPU 2.5GHz 8 GB ram 64 bit operating system Good condition selling for 450AED screen can be replace for 300Aed 17” screen broken NO CHARGER
  • Brand : Dell
  • Memory : Other
  • RAM : 8 GB
footprint Seller donates 295 AED to Support women refugees
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  • Joel Reyes Still availble?
  • Cody Javier I got it. thanks
  • Cody Javier ?
  • Cody Javier Sir I have messages in chat
  • Morrad Cody I have put all the info in description
  • Cody Javier Which model is it Mr Morrad?
  • Meelan Leembu or another thing that you don't have charger
  • Meelan Leembu so that's is a big problem sorry I told you to reduce price but I cannot buy like this you may increase price
  • Morrad No cannot be used . You need external monitor or fix the screen
  • Meelan Leembu cannot be use without external monitor
  • Meelan Leembu but laptop is on
  • Morrad On the picture you can see the crack
  • Morrad A screen is broken
  • Meelan Leembu why in the picture you posted laptop screen is on and can see everything
  • Morrad You can find it in any computer shop
  • Morrad This cable cost 30aed max
  • Meelan Leembu I have lg monitor but I don't have power supply laptop to monitor
  • Morrad Ok I will change the price at 380aed
  • Meelan Leembu I will buy it now
  • Meelan Leembu make it 380
  • Morrad Just need screen repair
  • Morrad Yes working
  • Meelan Leembu laptop still works or not?
  • Morrad 390 last
  • Hassan mushtaq make 275 i will buy
  • Jitender jangir 200 I can give you
  • ETrading Salam , 200 AED ok ?
  • Meelan Leembu still working after screen broken?
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320 AED, delivery included