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  • nabeel jawed Thanks Alot for the gift Luna .. i appreciate tht .. i will give my ratings once i receive the parcel
  • Luna Good morning. Parking has been collected already. I put some cars for you as a gift, so your child can play for begging. Thank you for your purchase
  • Luna Yes sure I can what's up. But you purchased parking already. I could of added cars there. Now it's should be separate post whith new delivery charges
  • nabeel jawed is there any other way u can show me the cars because PM is not getting delivered i tried many times
  • nabeel jawed tried again .. not going.. can u watsapp the pictures to me
  • Luna Thank you for your purchase
  • Luna Yes I did not get, try again
  • nabeel jawed its not getting delivered i guess
  • nabeel jawed i did sent u a PM
  • Luna Send me pm I will show you cars
  • nabeel jawed i am placing the order right now for the parking if u have the cars also let me knw
  • Luna Cars
  • Luna I will check (any "hot weels" Card would fit perfectly)
  • nabeel jawed luna do u also have small dinky cars to sell .. that fits this parking set?
  • nabeel jawed just make sure all the parts are there .. if there is a guide to assemble that would be helpful
  • Luna You can expand it for bigger size (it's has been purchased from Toys Ur US)
  • Luna I will send it reassembled to feet in the 20 aed delivery charge as it's big one 3 levels
  • Luna Ok
  • nabeel jawed Go for 70 plz
  • Luna Can we do 75 @nabeel
  • nabeel jawed make it 70 i will order it now
  • Luna Not new
  • Luna It's Preowned
  • nabeel jawed is it new or used?
  • nabeel jawed Hi Luna
  • Jas Sharif no thanx ..
  • Luna Hi sorry it's last price. I can make 5 aed less as maximum
  • Jas Sharif 60.Aed??
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