Shehab Alhousani Shehab Alhousani
Posted 305 days ago


  • Brand : Samsung
  • Color : White
  • Memory : 8 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Vyom Vyom اتصلت ميلتو وقالوا ليس لدينا البائع المحمول رقم والموقع
  • Vyom Vyom عندما تتواصل مع فريق melltoo ، فسوف يقوموا بترتيب الحقيبة لالتقاط هذا الهاتف
  • Vyom Vyom أرسل رسالة لك عدة مرات ولكن لا يوجد رد على اتصال مع فريق melltoo لأنهم ليس لديهم رقم الاتصال وعنوان الموقع
  • Vyom Vyom if u don't want sale thn cancel my order.
  • Vyom Vyom may i know about my order would u like to sale or no jst tell me
  • Vyom Vyom so many time mag u but no reply
  • Vyom Vyom sir why not you replying
  • Vyom Vyom sir
  • Vyom Vyom thn they will arrange the corrier for picking up mobile phone
  • Vyom Vyom hello sir plz contact wth melltoo bcoz they don't have ur mobile No nd address
  • Vyom Vyom it's accepted by Melltoo so someone will come there for picking up.
  • Vyom Vyom ok sir thanku
  • Shehab Alhousani Yes, it has been modified. Do not worry
  • Vyom Vyom plz tell to them about it by mistake it's cancelled .
  • Vyom Vyom plz you also contact wth thm about it me alao mag to melltoo
  • Shehab Alhousani sorry
  • Vyom Vyom bcoz my credit deducted fro. my account
  • Vyom Vyom ok boss
  • Shehab Alhousani I was in trouble by filling in the application and I contacted them and the request was modified
  • Shehab Alhousani Hello my friend
  • Vyom Vyom whn u see my msg thn let me know about it sir
  • Vyom Vyom sir r u there......?
  • Vyom Vyom if nobody came there thn tell me ill contact wth melltoo about this phone.
  • Vyom Vyom anybody come there for pick up this phone or no
  • Vyom Vyom hi sir
  • Vyom Vyom boss why u cancelled......?
  • Vyom Vyom accept plz
  • Vyom Vyom boss i buy it
  • Shehab Alhousani Yes charger and earphone
  • Vyom Vyom or no......?
  • Vyom Vyom boss charger will send wth this phone.....??
  • Shehab Alhousani ok
  • Vyom Vyom charger also come wth these phone....?
  • Shehab Alhousani ok
  • Vyom Vyom ok boss but make 250
  • Shehab Alhousani Very clean semi-user
  • Shehab Alhousani yas
  • Vyom Vyom but it's written in proce 301 AED change into 250 AED I'll buy
  • Shehab Alhousani AED 250
  • Vyom Vyom these both how much....?
  • Shehab Alhousani Yes it works
  • Vyom Vyom working or no....?
  • Shehab Alhousani good
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250 AED, delivery included