Maryam Maryam
Posted 337 days ago

Samsung 40" TV

Samsung 40" TV
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Size : 40 inch
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  • WhoLeeYo Czar sorry Madam Maryam
  • Maryam Please stop.
  • Zach Efy improve your sentence building skills first...😂😂
  • WhoLeeYo Czar eat roasted chicken then later
  • Maryam please stop, my phone is exploding from notifications.
  • WhoLeeYo Czar 😂
  • Zach Efy I'm fasting and therefore i let this slide. i would've roasted you so bad ! bye
  • Zach Efy you're so ignorant ! 😂
  • WhoLeeYo Czar better luck next time Oldie But Acting like a Newbie... you aint got no right to stop me from commenting, wipe your tears better 😂😂😂
  • WhoLeeYo Czar lol you calling me newbie in this market and its you got butthurt and who is newbie now? dont make yourself funny crying for the item you missed to buy. its a free market as you have said, so move on. and you even accused the seller she deliberately mark it as sold, what an old newbie 😂
  • Zach Efy well if it's sold then okay miss 😃
  • Zach Efy you should too. stop commenting without any reason. it's none of your business.
  • Zach Efy i wanted to buy. that's why i asked of she was ready to sell for the early price (675) as she said. and why are you being so butthurt. you should mind your own business. it's a free market place. i can comment as i please. if she had said what you said it would've been a different story. so please go away "newbie"
  • WhoLeeYo Czar @Zach Efy she can sell it at any price she wanted and looks like you are very suprise for the 550 amounta nd it was marked as sold. move on and get over it.
  • Maryam sold*
  • Maryam I cannot mark it sols if I want too. it has to be bought.
  • WhoLeeYo Czar im not new... nothing to question if it is mark as sold or what, its the seller discretion but you are questioning being sold for the amount stated.
  • Zach Efy @wholeeyo czar. clearly you are new to Melltoo. she can mark it as sold if she wants too.... -_-
  • WhoLeeYo Czar @Zach Efy, it is marked as sold for 550 clearly
  • Zach Efy sold at 550 ?
  • Maryam pretty long, but its in good condition.
  • Michael hw long it's used
  • Maryam sorry, no can do.
  • Aslam Mehmood 525 and we have a deal !
  • Maryam 675 last price.
  • Aslam Mehmood 500 i will buy
  • Maryam .
  • Discountsale can u make it 400
  • Maryam No, not smart
  • arunchmm smart??
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