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Posted 365 days ago

Silver&Diamonds Pure Silver Set

*Real Diamond *Bought From Pure Gold Jewellers
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Type : Other
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mekala 9 items in total. thank you so much. bye. take care
  • mekala hi
  • Ai Yoshioka 570dhs alltogether even plus melltoo cost included. i wrote details in a chat
  • Ai Yoshioka @mekala okay. just wait. i re-price and put alltogether. i will tell you in chat. 2min wait
  • mekala hi
  • mekala 1. silver n diamond pure silver set 2. jewellery bundle bag 4. ruber excecise tool 5. robot dog 6. pink side slit long dress 7. white Georgette material 8. kurti new red 9. Desi stole 2 PC's
  • mekala I had sent you so many msgs in chat. not working it seems
  • Ai Yoshioka @mekala I shall make bundle ads for you. just tell which item you want. and i can give you good discount in bundle
  • Ai Yoshioka @mekala come to chat
  • mekala I am also interested in some other stuffs . make a bundle offer
  • mekala can u make it 450 please
  • mekala can u check the chat
  • mekala I did
  • Ai Yoshioka @mekala hi! chat me
  • mekala hi
  • Ai Yoshioka .
  • Ai Yoshioka up
  • Ai Yoshioka .
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