Mahroom Ajm Mahroom Ajm
Posted 172 days ago

iPhone 5s 500

Perfect in working conditions No faults in useing phone
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Brand : Apple
  • Condition : Used, normal wear & tear
  • Color : Space Grey
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ken Javier sell it at 400 I will take now sir
  • Ken Javier 400 sir ill taķ
  • sri Ram 300
  • Mahroom Ajm Did u saw the phone pics did u saw the condition of the phone before buying it
  • miraluna solatorio why what is that pic?
  • Mahroom Ajm Did u saw the phone pics
  • miraluna solatorio ok ill wait
  • Mahroom Ajm Okay I can come to you but not today
  • miraluna solatorio no need i cant go out too take that..ok thank you
  • Mahroom Ajm Download whtsupp
  • Mahroom Ajm I will send you location
  • miraluna solatorio i dont know where is that place
  • Mahroom Ajm Al naimiyah 2
  • Mahroom Ajm Ajman
  • miraluna solatorio where is your place
  • miraluna solatorio i have no time too..
  • Mahroom Ajm Because I don’t have time to come to you if u want in 450 come and take it
  • Mahroom Ajm I will make it 450 for u
  • miraluna solatorio you crAzy?
  • Mahroom Ajm You come and take it from me my home is in Ajman
  • miraluna solatorio altawar 2 19b street house no.21
  • Mahroom Ajm Where do you live
  • miraluna solatorio my no.0553015630
  • Mahroom Ajm Where do you live
  • miraluna solatorio no watssapp
  • Mahroom Ajm 0525517756 whtsupp me
  • Mahroom Ajm Come and receive it
  • miraluna solatorio 500 no 591
  • miraluna solatorio ok i buy
  • Mahroom Ajm Only phone and charger
  • Mahroom Ajm Yes I have charger also
  • miraluna solatorio have charger
  • miraluna solatorio you give this 500
  • Mahroom Ajm Ok
  • miraluna solatorio 500 i buy this
  • Dike I want to buy it here
  • Mahroom Ajm Ok come and take it
  • Dike make it 450
  • Mahroom Ajm 450 last
  • tanbirhossain 400
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