Esraa Farahat Esraa Farahat
Posted 206 days ago

Guess watch authentic new

New guess watch with 2 extra strap
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Esraa Farahat it was not serious buyer anyway. Ramadan Karim mister Morrad for you and your family
  • Morrad Dear Lisa we don’t advice buying outside of melltoo. Since you will not be guaranteed by melltoo
  • Esraa Farahat yes it has a box .you mean 350 on meltoo?
  • Lissa MarieMuñez 350? I will take it. This has box?
  • Esraa Farahat if thru fetcher courier it will be 380 including shipping fees
  • Esraa Farahat 420 I'm in ajman
  • Lissa MarieMuñez How much is the last price? I’m also in ras al khaima
  • Esraa Farahat yes original
  • Lissa MarieMuñez Original?
  • Esraa Farahat .
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360 AED, delivery included