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Posted 201 days ago

Anti_theft backpack, new quality

Anti_theft backpack, new quality
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Larry Adeyemi thanks for comments,
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Ok
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Ok I will sell mine for 35 u buy it
  • Oluremi Payne problem
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Will u buy for 30
  • Oluremi Payne Tell this guy to sell it for 35 dirhams with melltoo charge because no one will buy this bag from him
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Me too I bought it for 9
  • Oluremi Payne I have the big one (17") I bought on flash sale from awon last week for 5AED and it's very good
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas The 39 is the small one
  • Oluremi Payne without discount on awok,it's now 39aed but on their flash sale,it's 5aed
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Without discount it is for 79 on awok
  • Oluremi Payne 250aed hahaha👹👹👹
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas I agree
  • Oluremi Payne seriously this guy needs to reduce the price to the minimum level ...Hahaha
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas 😀😀
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas So what can I do ??
  • Oluremi Payne Am serious bro...
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas 😭😭😭😭😭
  • Oluremi Payne Yeah it's very cheap I bought it on awok for offer at 5dirhams last week
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas Bro I bought it for 50
  • Oluremi Payne over priced...even the market price is 40 dirhams
  • Abdul Rahman Ilyas I am selling same for 68 dhs
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