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Posted 347 days ago

22 Karat Gold Coin unwanted Gift

Gold Coin. 22 Karat. 4 gm. Unwanted Gift. Final Price.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • hayat khan u can pm me
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Sorry dear. I can’t share my whatsapp no.
  • hayat khan if i get ur whatsapp number then easily v can inform each other.. 😉
  • hayat khan hahaha thank u so much. i will wait.
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Yeah. Next time will give u free if i get any.
  • hayat khan my bad luck i saw late😣
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Sold out. U should ask me before to give u for free.
  • hayat khan natasha as u said it is unwanted gift so why don't u give it me for free.
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Up
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 761 final.
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Up
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Then buy it in the market please. Thanks.
  • Srikanth Kosuru Current market price of 4gm is 600.... Ur price is more than the market price
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Ok. Next
  • Raza Khan This is to much
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 No bargaining. This is fair price.
  • Raza Khan No bargaining???
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Dear can u please check the description. I clearly mentioned that its last price. .
  • Raza Khan Dear final price please
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Up
  • Raza Khan Final please
  • Raza Khan Hello
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Up
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Sorry nt possible
  • shahadat I will give you 650....if agree whatsapp me
  • shahadat And respect Are you know how to get respect
  • shahadat Free credits? Who will give free credits......
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 If cannot afford to buy then please show some respect. I mentioned that 761 is last final price.
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Here i paying service charges. U can use ur free credit here. Upto 250. So if u want to buy then from 761-250= 511. U need to pay only 511. Cheaper than market price.
  • shahadat Ha ha ha.... Market price 1gram=149 but you want 1 gram=190....so it is not joking?
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Sorry final is 761
  • shahadat If possible whatsapp me 0556082979
  • shahadat I will give you 650..... See this is a greatest offer
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Up
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Up
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 So then how much i can get? Melltoo is also charging. U can use ur free credit. My final is 761.
  • Scot My offer 596 as per the gold price
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761 AED, delivery included