Tabish Muhammad Iliyash Tabish Muhammad Iliyash
Posted 290 days ago

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Used lightly. 3gb ram. Bought from sharaf dg. No flaws or issues. No warranty. Bought when it came out in 2015.
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Color : Gold
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Kamran Shehzad ok thanks
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash even now they gave me a call so I told them to collect today
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash No I called them yesterday also regarding the order to come and collect it
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash I know I am calling on this number
  • Kamran Shehzad 80022779....u can call this toll free
  • Kamran Shehzad carry couriers are calling me that seller is not responding...
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash No I am calling them since 2 days to pickup but they are not here yet.
  • Kamran Shehzad sir did u handover this ?
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash Ok I changing
  • Kamran Shehzad ok make 650
  • Kamran Shehzad saller
  • legendry one to me or seller
  • Kamran Shehzad 630
  • legendry one the glass is
  • Amin Rehman His camera's glass is broken or cameras
  • legendry one wait if I fix the camera and give you
  • Amin Rehman sore
  • legendry one okay what about 500
  • Amin Rehman sore
  • legendry one but still works
  • legendry one you want for 650 with cover new but camera is broken
  • legendry one amin rehman
  • Amin Rehman ok sore
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash Sorry 650 last. Cannot do more discount
  • Amin Rehman ok with adapter 620
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash Only have adapter no data cable
  • Amin Rehman 650 with orignal chargar ok
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash my good price 680
  • Amin Rehman my last 600
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash my last is 680
  • Amin Rehman with chargar 600 aed
  • Tabish Muhammad Iliyash last 680
  • Amin Rehman 550
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650 AED, delivery included