Salahudeen_Noorani Salahudeen_Noorani
Posted 283 days ago

Sony Camara

Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 mega pixels very long time I'm not use camara because I don't have charger put to check. I don't know now no power it's not working i don't have charger only camara
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  • Salahudeen_Noorani I'm mentioned not working No power
  • Nomidesi 420 it's ok camra it's that wrok
  • Salahudeen_Noorani no have memory card
  • Salahudeen_Noorani yes battery available no charger
  • Roman Reighns u have battery
  • Salahudeen_Noorani ok u can
  • TOP 10 70
  • Salahudeen_Noorani ;-)
  • Tasawar Ikram 40
  • Salahudeen_Noorani w320
  • TOP 10 model plz
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