Kim Bella Kim Bella
Posted 281 days ago

Samsung note 3 neo

Samsung note 3 neo for sale at affordable price. Contact me if interested.
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Color : White
  • Memory : Other
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Kim Bella no dear
  • Mohammed Farhan exchange with lg v10?
  • Mohammed Farhan exchange with lg v10?
  • Kim Bella not yet dear
  • Grace Gaffud Is this unit sold?
  • Tasawar Ikram 320
  • Rafy Curimatmat change your price now
  • Rafy Curimatmat ok i will buy it
  • Kim Bella 400 I will give you last @Rafycurimatmat
  • Kim Bella No @Rafycurimatmat
  • Rafy Curimatmat change the price
  • Kim Bella 15gb memory @RafyCurimatmat
  • Rafy Curimatmat how many memory gb
  • Rafy Curimatmat i wil take....
  • Rafy Curimatmat 380
  • Morrad @ligesh but if you still which to meetup with people there is an old fashioned website called Dubizzle if I remember well...check them out
  • Morrad @ligesh the whole point of Melltoo is to not meet complete strangers even in Dubai it is not safe :) pay in Melltoo get it deliver and save a bunch time to do something else
  • Kim Bella 🙏 @sharene lee
  • Ligesh Ligesh Kk
  • Sharene Lee 😍 @kim Bella
  • Kim Bella sure
  • Sharene Lee Why? 50% Credit back
  • Kim Bella yes. you can buy it here then it will be delivered to ur location.
  • Ligesh Ligesh No.. Direct I bye this one.. If possible
  • Sharene Lee Buy it thru Melltoo, delivered to your house.
  • Ligesh Ligesh I mean the location
  • Ligesh Ligesh Were is phone
  • Kim Bella pls text me here
  • Ligesh Ligesh 0543218060 pls msg me.. I want this one
  • Kim Bella 400 last
  • Muhammad Arbaz 350
  • sulaimanvas1 380
  • Faridoon Khan 300
  • Tasawar Ikram put 320 i will buy
  • Islam Jibon yes
  • Islam Jibon yrs
  • Kim Bella are you ready to purchase this phone?
  • Islam Jibon i send my numbr on inbox
  • Islam Jibon contect me on watsapp
  • Kim Bella is 400 last dear
  • Islam Jibon 350 last
  • Kim Bella last price 400drs
  • Tasawar Ikram last price how much
  • Shahroz Ali so change the price i will buy
  • Kim Bella nothing is wrong with the phone. just buy and start using it.
  • shafeeq thayyil phone perfect
  • Shahroz Ali 260
  • shafeeq thayyil 250 i will gve u
  • Kim Bella 380
  • Abdull Wali 250
  • Amin Rehman sore 200
  • Amin Rehman 100
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