Taima Jehad Taima Jehad
Posted 315 days ago

One million perfume

One million perfume tester
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Taima Jehad Maybe today evening you recieve because ramadan timings or tomorrow morning
  • nabeel jawed ok
  • Taima Jehad They did collect sir today a while ago
  • Taima Jehad He took it from me like 15 minutes ago
  • nabeel jawed i checked with the courier they said the shipment is not ready with the seller and they have not collected anything from you
  • nabeel jawed when did they collect?
  • Taima Jehad Hello yes they collect from me already
  • nabeel jawed Hi .. did they collect it from you i have not recieve it yet
  • nabeel jawed inshaAllah
  • Taima Jehad Hello they called they will come today inshallah tomorrow you receive
  • nabeel jawed Is the item collected from your side
  • nabeel jawed Hi
  • Taima Jehad Thank you sir!
  • nabeel jawed done .. will wait for the shipment
  • Taima Jehad Yes closed sealed package. All sealed. Original 💯 %
  • nabeel jawed ok make it 136 i will place the order .. but 1 last question this is full bottle right not like used or something
  • Taima Jehad 136 sir? Final 120 i cant x.x
  • nabeel jawed make it 120 i will initiate the purchase right now
  • Taima Jehad 140 sir
  • Taima Jehad Yes 100% original
  • nabeel jawed what is the last price that u can do?
  • nabeel jawed is this an original tester
  • nabeel jawed Hi
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136 AED, delivery included