Sharene Lee Sharene Lee
Posted 279 days ago

Motorola Razr V3i

Motorola Razr V3i. In good working condition with free headset and charger.
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  • Cheryl please check your inbox..
  • Cheryl 70
  • Sharene Lee 80 with charger
  • Cheryl 😱 how will i use if no charger 😞
  • Sharene Lee 70 is fine without charger.
  • Cheryl 70 i should say
  • Cheryl 80
  • Sharene Lee @M Ayaz, your price is too low, please stop commenting on this post.
  • Sharene Lee Please chat with me @Suren Ma
  • M Ayaz how much for me last price
  • Suren Ma last price
  • M Ayaz u sales are no
  • M Ayaz i buy 40 dirhams
  • M Ayaz 40 dirhams
  • Sharene Lee Chat with me please
  • Young Blood What is ur last price?
  • M Ayaz i am too much poor i am in labour work salery 900 dh
  • Sharene Lee Goodbye friend
  • M Ayaz no 40 dh its ok
  • Sharene Lee Too low, includes accessories and in excellent condition
  • M Ayaz 50 dh ok
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