Rafay Imran Rafay Imran
Posted 254 days ago

girl frock

monsoon frock age 8 years rarely used
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Rafay Imran inbox me l will send you picture
  • Rafay Imran no dear just saw today while l was packing
  • Amin Rehman You did not see it before
  • Amin Rehman ok no problam
  • Rafay Imran I just saw the frock while packing that there is two little cuts in the frock kindly cancel your order
  • Rafay Imran amin
  • Rafay Imran hello
  • Rafay Imran did
  • Bakhti Rahman ok change price I will buy
  • Rafay Imran ok
  • Amin Rehman i m 70 aed buy
  • Bakhti Rahman I will buy last 70
  • Rafay Imran sorry l will nt pay delivery charges
  • Amin Rehman i m not want 80 i want 60aed ok
  • Rafay Imran frock l saying 60 plus you need to pay 20 for delivery
  • Amin Rehman my last msg ok ya not ok
  • Amin Rehman sore only 60aed frock with 100aed ok
  • Rafay Imran ok for you
  • Rafay Imran yes plz 60 + 20 delivery charges
  • Amin Rehman hi
  • Amin Rehman only frock 60 aed ok
  • Amin Rehman or frock with shos 100aed
  • Rafay Imran or frock with shoe???
  • Rafay Imran let me know what you need only frock???
  • Rafay Imran I m nt getting dear
  • Amin Rehman frock 60 chinge
  • Amin Rehman hi
  • Amin Rehman ok
  • Amin Rehman 2 pic only 100 1pic frock 60 aed buy
  • Rafay Imran ?????
  • Rafay Imran you need only frock
  • Amin Rehman ok i will buy 60 aed ok
  • Rafay Imran okk
  • Rafay Imran wait l put both together then you put buy option
  • Rafay Imran ok
  • Amin Rehman ok mi confirm
  • Rafay Imran plz confirm
  • Rafay Imran ok for you
  • Rafay Imran shoes are from pakistani brand and size 38
  • Amin Rehman ok
  • Amin Rehman These shoes and shoes together I'll buy 90aed together
  • Rafay Imran 60 is last price bcoz l bought for 170
  • Amin Rehman 50 last ok
  • Rafay Imran yes dear
  • Amin Rehman hi
  • Amin Rehman last 50
  • Rafay Imran make it 60
  • Amin Rehman 50 i will buy
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71 AED, delivery included