Used HP Probook 4540s *display issue in Dubai, UAE
Sharene Lee Sharene Lee
Posted 52 days ago

HP Probook 4540s *display issue

HP Probook 4540s 15.6” laptop. Intel core i5 2.60GHz 4GB RAM 600GB HDD. Laptop is very well-maintained and is working well. The display is not turning on. It does NOT appear broken or damaged, there are NO cracks or visible damage, so it’s likely something to do with a backlight issue. Could also be a driver issue (but I already updated the drivers, so not likely.) Works fine with an external display. Otherwise, laptop is in good working condition. Responsive and fast:
  • Memory : 512 GB
  • Brand : HP
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Condition : Some damage, in working condition
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  • Sharene Lee Welcome
  • Muktar tnx
  • Muktar give me all accessories you have.. txn
  • Sharene Lee Yes, includes charger
  • Muktar sorry for ask now. !
  • Muktar is it including charger ??
  • Sharene Lee Ok, take it @muktar
  • Muktar 325
  • Ashika Chaudhary last praise
  • Ashika Chaudhary last praise
  • Afridi10 320 ill buy
  • Khadu Kizhur 300
  • Sharene Lee 350 last
  • Muhammad Safeer 310
  • Afridi10 If external display is coming then must be lcd problm change lcd
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