Used iphone 6s rose gold in Dubai, UAE
Tiy  Cardo Tiy Cardo
Posted 79 days ago

iphone 6s rose gold

iphone 6s rose gold like new in great condition come with original accessories.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Bakare Cool Larry I know How it works that was why I kept disturbing them it's taking to long to be process I have chatted with them again now and i have given a peace of my industrial that I want the order reactivated at once because you are still much in UAE and no body got in contact with you
  • Tiy Cardo the seller themselves and that's the only the seller would get payment is when they hand over the item and they give you payment for the item then and ther...thats not make
  • Tiy Cardo and I never take your you even know how this site work ...why would I put that am in UAE and the soul purpose is when a buyer want to make a purchase melltoo team would collect the item from
  • Bakare Cool Larry go to chat customer care and begin am going there now as well
  • Bakare Cool Larry and ask them why was our order cancelled without reaching out to you that is not professional
  • Bakare Cool Larry please kindly write them because I was chatting with them constantly
  • Tiy Cardo Do I need to send you a screenshot of the order details they sent me I provide my number address of where am staying no one reach out to me I'm a fake seller when no one reach out to me and i never take your money do you even know how this site work ....
  • Bakare Cool Larry Am still interested provide Meltoo with a contact details and it will be much easier
  • Bakare Cool Larry they can't reach you on you USA NUMBER has to be a UAE number which I guess you didn't provide any in your contact details to reach you
  • Bakare Cool Larry I am not looking for anyone as well it's strictly business and i guess there is no number for meltoo to reach out to you here because you didn't Make any number available I guess??
  • Bakare Cool Larry sent
  • Bakare Cool Larry meltoo Senate a message you are notch UAE
  • Tiy Cardo and not looking anyone while I'm on vacation here
  • Tiy Cardo excuse me how am I fake seller when melltoo still haven't yet reach out to me that's on them...did I take your money no, did I scam you absolutely not the reason your bitter is because I told you is restrictly business and not looking for anyone while I'm on vacation here
  • Ahsan Shahzad ohh
  • Bakare Cool Larry the seller is a fake not in UAE
  • Ahsan Shahzad 600
  • Bakare Cool Larry Am waiting
  • Tiy Cardo ok
  • Bakare Cool Larry +971527274831
  • Bakare Cool Larry let's chat what's app
  • Tiy Cardo Original
  • Bakare Cool Larry original or master copy so I don't waste my time
  • Tiy Cardo 700
  • Tiy Cardo 128gb
  • Bakare Cool Larry how many GB is it please?and what is your last price for it?
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700 AED, delivery included