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The New MacBook Pro touch bar 15"

Apple MacBook Pro 2017 15" Laptop with Touch bar and Touch ID ...512GB plus charger price is negotiable still have 6 months warranty with Apple..
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Tiy Cardo Sold..
  • Juancho Ejansantos If i take where r we going to meet
  • Juancho Ejansantos Iphone x 24 tell me
  • Juancho Ejansantos Why
  • Juancho Ejansantos 3350
  • Miz Send me your number again.. the complete number...
  • Miz I’m gonna private message you...
  • Juancho Ejansantos 3300
  • Tiy Cardo I have no need to scam my number is working totally fine if you need more proof that the item is real ask for a video instead of a pic but don t come under my item accusing me of something I have no intention of doing I don't have time to waste...you have doubt don t purchase my item no one is forcing you
  • Miz How can I text you your number not working give me correct number.. prove me that your not scam then..
  • Tiy Cardo if your still interested in MacBook text me on whatsapp or inbox me here @iphone x 24
  • Miz I will buy your MacBook Bro... Ready to pick up... 3500
  • Juancho Ejansantos Who me?
  • Miz What country code or your number
  • Tiy Cardo 9414170980
  • Tiy Cardo do you have whatsapp
  • Juancho Ejansantos Iphone x 24 whats ur problem
  • Miz I’m interested also in your Macbook
  • Juancho Ejansantos Pls my friend
  • Miz Can you PM me your number... please.
  • Juancho Ejansantos 0506842578
  • Tiy Cardo Send me your number
  • Juancho Ejansantos 3300 pls my friend
  • Juancho Ejansantos Pls gave me chance to have my own mac book pls my freind..
  • Juancho Ejansantos Pls i need this Mac Pro gift to my self coz this is my dream to have a mac book 3300 my vacation money
  • Juancho Ejansantos 3300
  • Miz Give me your number please...
  • Tiy Cardo why do someone sell a item they no longer need?...it's work perfectly fine if your not interested thats ok ....hope you guys find what your looking for have a nice day
  • Juancho Ejansantos I hope theres No Problem
  • Juancho Ejansantos Tell me why u selling ur mac Pro
  • Shambhu Mehta what is the reason of sell?
  • Juancho Ejansantos How many months u used the unit?
  • Juancho Ejansantos Ok tnx
  • Tiy Cardo yes comes with original charger
  • Tiy Cardo 3500 is my last price
  • Juancho Ejansantos All original charger ?
  • Juancho Ejansantos How much ur last price
  • Tiy Cardo inbox me
  • Juancho Ejansantos I really need this but i have only 3200
  • Juancho Ejansantos How much last Price
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