Used Gaming machines laptop asus i7 in Dubai, UAE
Azhar Shaikh Azhar Shaikh
Posted 28 days ago

Gaming machines laptop asus i7

Asus G73JH gaming laptop Asus I7 1TH Windows 10 8.GB RAM 500. GB HDD 2.GB AMD GRAPHICS CARD
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Bëchîr Ēl Wanna exchange with MacBook pro retina desply 8gb ram 2.6 processor??
  • Morrad @Azhar if you continue taking transactions off app you account will be block
  • Morrad @kuleep melltoo advise not to buy outside the app else no guarantee will apply
  • Kuldeep Singh ok no problems
  • Azhar Shaikh You like to I come your home and give you so send me your location this is my whatapp number 0563170002
  • Azhar Shaikh And you have cash so no problem I come to your home and give you this laptop don't buy in melltoo
  • Azhar Shaikh Yes bro I already accepted your order melltoo man is call you and deliver for this max 7 days
  • Kuldeep Singh u accept my order request so can melltoo can take this order
  • Kuldeep Singh i already buy in melltoo
  • Kuldeep Singh 0561094096
  • Azhar Shaikh Bro send me your U.A.E number
  • Azhar Shaikh Bro you fast time buy in melltoo
  • Kuldeep Singh ??
  • Kuldeep Singh i already clicked on buy
  • Kuldeep Singh deliver this product to me
  • Azhar Shaikh I sms you in melltoo inbox but is not send you melltoo chat is not work
  • Azhar Shaikh Bro tell me what happened you send me sms in melltoo
  • Kuldeep Singh tnx
  • Azhar Shaikh Okay bro no problem
  • Kuldeep Singh if not done
  • Kuldeep Singh okay.. if ur deal will done give this to me
  • Azhar Shaikh Ok no problem but I'm not promis to you. Some one coming tomorrow buying cash 1200
  • Kuldeep Singh okay.. give me 3 days I will buy.. give me some time so can
  • Azhar Shaikh And also is Blue ray DVD ROM
  • Azhar Shaikh 1230 buy I give you nice offer
  • Kuldeep Singh bro make it 1225
  • Azhar Shaikh Charge laptop and bag
  • Kuldeep Singh what's the accessories
  • Azhar Shaikh No bro is 100% good working no any problems
  • Kuldeep Singh any problem with this piece?
  • Azhar Shaikh No thanks bro
  • Kuldeep Singh i will u 900 n ps3
  • Azhar Shaikh Is Blur ray DVD ROM
  • Kuldeep Singh okay.. i will get back on this
  • Azhar Shaikh Is this last and last offer my offer
  • Azhar Shaikh You see in melltoo gaming machines price
  • Kuldeep Singh but still can't go with 1275
  • Kuldeep Singh okay brother i will get back on this.
  • Azhar Shaikh You buy normal laptop i7 is come 800 or 900 no GRAPHICS card
  • Azhar Shaikh Yes bro I no but is gaming machines not a normal laptop and is i7+ 2.GB AMD GRAPHICS card
  • Kuldeep Singh this is very old laptop
  • Azhar Shaikh 1275
  • Kuldeep Singh whats is the last price
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Azhar Shaikh Up
  • Rushil_Prince my number 0529457624.
  • Rushil_Prince okay.
  • Azhar Shaikh 0563170002 whatapp me photos
  • Rushil_Prince Have minor scratches on it.
  • Rushil_Prince Can run Gta 5, Fortnite 60 fps above.
  • Rushil_Prince Windows 10 Pro.
  • Rushil_Prince 6GB Ram.
  • Rushil_Prince Intel i5 Processor with Nvidia GT 630M
  • Rushil_Prince Samsung NP500P4C.
  • Rushil_Prince Windows Laptop.
  • Azhar Shaikh Or windows laptop...?
  • Azhar Shaikh You have MacBook....?
  • Azhar Shaikh Exchange OK no problem
  • Rushil_Prince last price? do you like to go for an exchange Mr. Azhar?
  • Azhar Shaikh Hi
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1230 AED, delivery included