Arif Popalzai Arif Popalzai
Posted 138 days ago

original headphones bose

the headphones are just 3 month used, and are original with 45% off
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Akhsa saji I will buy now
  • Akhsa saji Hi
  • Akhsa saji Why ur selling
  • Arif Popalzai actually i dont get your last statement
  • Arif Popalzai so you want me to put the price high
  • Akhsa saji Wat is the reason for sale
  • Arif Popalzai where do you live
  • Akhsa saji I can't find u
  • Akhsa saji Ok i will message you
  • Akhsa saji Give urs
  • Arif Popalzai this is my wahts app
  • Arif Popalzai +919650286920
  • Arif Popalzai i cant find you
  • Akhsa saji I will buy tonight
  • Akhsa saji Only whatsapp
  • Arif Popalzai wait then
  • Akhsa saji No
  • Arif Popalzai should i call
  • Akhsa saji Message fast
  • Arif Popalzai call me back then
  • Arif Popalzai i will give you mossed call im out of credit
  • Akhsa saji My brothers
  • Akhsa saji 0529929596
  • Arif Popalzai give me your whatsapp number
  • Arif Popalzai but now im not pretty sure i would wanna sell it for that low price but anyway
  • Akhsa saji Reply fast
  • Arif Popalzai i really needed money
  • Arif Popalzai check the date when i wanted to sell it
  • Akhsa saji Reason for sale
  • Akhsa saji Plz
  • Arif Popalzai give me your whatsapp
  • Akhsa saji Plz make it 750 at least
  • Arif Popalzai 800 is the fix price
  • Arif Popalzai im student too aunt
  • Akhsa saji Plz
  • Akhsa saji Uncle i am student give me for 700
  • Arif Popalzai why dont we meet in person hand to hand
  • Akhsa saji Change the price fast
  • Akhsa saji i will buy now from meltoo
  • Arif Popalzai i will sell it for 800
  • Arif Popalzai the original price is still 1500 Aed but im almost selling it for half
  • Akhsa saji Here
  • Arif Popalzai where are you
  • Akhsa saji Fast
  • Akhsa saji With box everything
  • Akhsa saji Now
  • Akhsa saji Make it 680
  • Arif Popalzai alright
  • Akhsa saji Plz reply
  • Akhsa saji I will buy now
  • Akhsa saji I will buy if u give for 700
  • Akhsa saji Give ur whatsapp number
  • Arif Popalzai qc 35 II
  • Arif Popalzai yeah its the series II
  • Akhsa saji If give ur whatsapp number
  • Akhsa saji Bose qc 35
  • Arif Popalzai its the new one actually
  • Arif Popalzai yes
  • Akhsa saji Which is this is this bose qc 35
  • Akhsa saji I am interested to
  • Akhsa saji Hi
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