Sana Sana
Posted 202 days ago

2 gift item, bowl/spoon, tray bowl spoon

Gift item, don’t know its pure silver. Its gift. In box bowl and spoon
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  • Sana up
  • Sana up
  • Sana Okay changing price
  • عادل محمد 30
  • Sana I don’t know there is no mark of 925 anywhere on item
  • عادل محمد It's Silver 925
  • عادل محمد hi
  • Sana Up. Okay will change price 40
  • عادل محمد 40
  • Sana Up
  • Sana It’s only for gift or showcase
  • Sana Updated above pics also
  • Visu Visu thank you
  • Sana No there is no seal, it’s blank surface
  • Sana Okay I will check in morning and update you
  • Visu Visu u can check it by looking at the bottom whether 92.5 seal s there
  • Sana I don’t know, it’s gift
  • Visu Visu is it pure silver?
  • Sana Up
  • Sana Up
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