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Posted 194 days ago

Ice Land Entry pass tickets

Iceland Water Park Buy one take one vouchers Validity : Sept 2019 Location : Ras Al Khaimah This is 3 vouchers
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ailaf Kapdi and yes... if you call Iceland asking them about the voucher... they wouldn't know anything about it.... so they just said management changed and shit.... u could have gone their direclty and show the voucher as Cobero MDe did it
  • Ailaf Kapdi I would like to buy them for 100
  • Ailaf Kapdi dude.... u sure you got the 6 peices from someone for 50?
  • Ckatrine Jaze thanks for.the info. i got 6 pcs. from soneone for just aed 50. much cheaper
  • Cobero MDe its lie iceland accepted voucher
  • Cobero MDe i went 3 days back voucher accepted
  • Cobero MDe not true its a lie under maintenance but not change management
  • Reward Yourself Yes !
  • Ckatrine Jaze really
  • Reward Yourself I called ice land they said they just changed management and can’t accept voucher as this moment . Sorry
  • Ckatrine Jaze why
  • Ckatrine Jaze what happened
  • Ckatrine Jaze ill take it
  • Ckatrine Jaze You mean its a voucher only I need to show it to the counter when purchasing the ticket If the ticket price is aed 100 each upon presenting the voucher they will give me 1 ticket for free
  • Reward Yourself Yes you will get 3 voucher
  • Ckatrine Jaze 3 pcs.voucher for aed 40
  • Reward Yourself Pls send pm
  • Charmaine Garcia I will pay COD how much is the total to be delivered here in Dubai
  • Reward Yourself Buy it here
  • Charmaine Garcia Okay done.. how I can reach you?
  • Reward Yourself I have 3 pcs of this , selling for 40 aed for all
  • Reward Yourself All buy one take one voucher
  • Reward Yourself All 3 vouchers selling for 40 aed only
  • Charmaine Garcia is it 3 voucher for Ice Land? how all the voucher?
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40 AED, delivery included