sa al sa al
Posted 205 days ago

Xbox one

Xbox one very clean with box and orginal accessories
  • Brand : Microsoft xBox
  • Memory : 500 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Kareem Sheilh search for used in shop
  • sa al where i want
  • Kareem Sheilh ahahaha xboz one s wih controller for 400 at shop
  • sa al hhhh
  • Kareem Sheilh 350
  • Xgdjch Hfuvu Bitch
  • Xgdjch Hfuvu I want to take away your buyers bithc
  • sa al ok and what do you want!!!?
  • Xgdjch Hfuvu My account is yeet squad
  • Xgdjch Hfuvu I am selling for 550 brand new with box and 4 cds
  • salam Aa Bye
  • salam Aa Ok thank
  • sa al if you ok if you don't no problem
  • sa al sorry only this my way my xbox like new with box and controller and headset
  • salam Aa Deal or no deal?
  • sa al i can't every thing clear like new
  • salam Aa I dont do this ... i want to check it in person
  • sa al by meltoo or other delivery
  • salam Aa How i can get it?
  • salam Aa No need for location
  • sa al if you want xbox one give me your whatsapp and i will send picture
  • sa al i can't give you location
  • sa al what
  • salam Aa What happened with you?
  • sa al i will send location in sunday in morning
  • sa al i'm not in house
  • salam Aa Send to me when u there
  • salam Aa Ok done... sunday
  • sa al i will be there
  • sa al if you want come sunday
  • sa al tonight i'm not in house
  • salam Aa I will come tom or tonight
  • salam Aa Good what is ur No
  • sa al alain
  • salam Aa Where is your location and send me you No to come and check it + if is good I will pay directly
  • sa al last 600 and no Cds only consle with accessories
  • salam Aa Hello ... how much final and is there any CDs?
  • sa al send to my whatsapp 0505733010
  • Tangeaoui Mohamed 550
  • sa al sorry
  • Bachi Ksd 500
  • sa al its very clean
  • sa al sorry
  • Remmy Musisi 400 dirham brother
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