Kadij  Leila Kadij Leila
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Bluetooth version 4.0 Max power output 4W Battery operating time appx 4 hours (in use) Comes with manual and charging cable Will have to get audio cable separately
footprint Seller donates 28 AED to Feed refugees
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  • Kadij Leila Price has been updated
  • عادل محمد 50
  • Ravi Mahi 😁😁😁 60
  • Kadij Leila You want me to drop the price because the sound quality us good dear😅 tell me the price you want I ll see if possible
  • Ravi Mahi okk then drop the price
  • Kadij Leila Sound quality is good. clear sound
  • Ravi Mahi hows the sound quality
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55 AED, delivery included