Kadij  Leila Kadij Leila
Posted 151 days ago


IPOD 4.1 IOS 6. 1.6 Serial Number C41DTTEWDCP9
footprint Seller donates 48 AED to Support individuals suffering from cancer
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Abin Paul how old is this?
  • Abin Paul which generation is this?
  • Ishola Akintoye okie dear
  • Kadij Leila Not less brother
  • Kadij Leila Deal is closed at 150
  • Ishola Akintoye u giv me 100
  • Ishola Akintoye okie,check your chat to seller box
  • Kadij Leila Yes
  • Ishola Akintoye okie so u giv handsfree & cable
  • Kadij Leila Yes I do. Used handsfree ok?
  • Ishola Akintoye do u hv the handsfree or cable
  • Kadij Leila 32 Gb dear
  • Ishola Akintoye how many gb
  • Kadij Leila Price updated
  • Kadij Leila Ok deal
  • Nerfe Bayang 150
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100 AED, delivery included