Mhhanif Mhhanif
Posted 168 days ago

Ladies purse new brand

Brand new purses in sale price.. 2 for 100 .. grab it
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Mhhanif i have again listed.. buy from that. i m waiting okay
  • Adyl Montevirgen yes
  • Mhhanif i m uploading again.. u buy it..
  • Mhhanif no worries... now u again buy it.. it will be then okay. and so ur parcel will be with you then....
  • Mhhanif dude i didnit cancelled it... i told u it will be cancel automatically by meltoo team.. whenever this happens that buyer didnot responded or they cannot find buyer they just return back the thing and cancel it.. they did themselves.. i did not
  • Adyl Montevirgen why you cancelled the bag?
  • Adyl Montevirgen ok thank you👍
  • Mhhanif now tomorw they will again come to me for pickup
  • Mhhanif just now they came to me and given me the parcel
  • Adyl Montevirgen I cannot call to service center i I don't know the no.
  • Adyl Montevirgen Ok no problem!I am waiting for you're delivery.
  • Mhhanif what nonsense !!! what go home and sleep... oh man pls do something .. otherwise they r coming to returning me back
  • Adyl Montevirgen they reach the place already but they are not patient to wait I send somebody outside but they said you go home and sleep.service center no. doesn't know
  • Mhhanif yesss please you contact here melto customer service.. meltoo team.. because they are returning me back they said.. they can not reach you.. thats why... pls msg here in melto service that u r availble .. whenever they dont gind any buyer or no contact with buyer so the thing they returned back to seller..
  • Adyl Montevirgen I spoke 1 man came here morning today he delivered a polo shirt and he said he will look for that and he is the 1 who will deliver here..and also I told him I have 2 that bag ang the rolex,better to deliver at once.thanks
  • Mhhanif yess pls call him .. and do contact their service
  • Adyl Montevirgen no don't cancelled it..i will called to him tomorrow.
  • Mhhanif yess pls contact melto customer service... i have already sended.. courier man came to me and collected. you please contact with him otherwise it will be cancelled
  • Adyl Montevirgen this bag not delivered yet,he cannot find the place or not wait to the person I send it to look for him
  • Mhhanif buyer plz contact me personal msg...
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100 AED, delivery included