Jhocelyn Ahon Jhocelyn Ahon
Posted 135 days ago

Olympus digital zoom30x cam

Olympus digital camera,30x zoom,in very good condition with camera bag and charger
  • Brand : Olympus
  • Condition : Used, like new
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  • Jhocelyn Ahon 😆
  • عادل محمد 150
  • Jhocelyn Ahon thats too low!i can only give last is 380
  • Qasim jan Now my price 300 becz u r price is coming down
  • Jhocelyn Ahon u can take it for 380 if u would like
  • Qasim jan why u r price is coming down
  • Jhocelyn Ahon ok,sorry 400 is last
  • Qasim jan ok my final price 380
  • Jhocelyn Ahon yes im changing it but not less than 400!!
  • Qasim jan ya i know but u changing price
  • Jhocelyn Ahon 400 is last like you offered me before
  • Qasim jan jhocelyn ahon im buy 380 last iff u agree
  • Siraj Khan is this dlsr
  • Qasim jan ok
  • Jhocelyn Ahon sorry that was the last price take it or just leave it
  • Qasim jan i like in 350
  • Qasim jan 350
  • Jhocelyn Ahon its 400 dear the last price ,it came up 477dhs because of delivery charge
  • Qasim jan 400
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398 AED, delivery included