Aravind Guttula Aravind Guttula
Posted 16 days ago

Samsung mobile s4 2gb ram 32 gb memory

Samsung s4 Phone was dead i dont know why not working
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  • Aravind Guttula sorry I can't you should buy without bargan
  • Don User Tell them
  • Don User cancer this sold phone
  • Don User Tell them cancer this sold this
  • Don User I will give
  • Don User Please give
  • Aravind Guttula it's sold sorry you are very late
  • Don User I want this
  • Don User Please give
  • Don User I never give 1 extra
  • Aravind Guttula sorry sir 80 is last
  • Don User 75 ok
  • Don User 75
  • Aravind Guttula sorry
  • Don User Make it on 70
  • Don User I will buy
  • Don User Make it now
  • Aravind Guttula last price 80 only
  • Don User change now
  • Aravind Guttula boss I will get 60aed only
  • Don User I want to buy
  • Don User Last price
  • Aravind Guttula I think it's working
  • Aravind Guttula i think its working good condition suddenly it's was dead before it's working well
  • Allan Martin lcd good condition?!
  • Aravind Guttula sorry 2 gb ram
  • Aravind Guttula samsung s4 i9515
  • Allan Martin s4 doesnt have 3 gb ram, only 2gb ram
  • Allan Martin s4 doesnt have 3 ram, its either 2 gb ram or 1gb it depents on the model #
  • Allan Martin which model #
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