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Posted 80 days ago

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar w/ tuner, pick up, cord and bag
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Albert Cuevas but why im the first beat the price did you buy it higher that price?
  • Sameer Dams sorry bro, I'm the one who bought it.
  • Albert Cuevas brother where is my quitar im waiter the delivery did you sell it or not it almost two weeks
  • Albert Cuevas thanks brother
  • Bap skidoodledoody Price has been changed. You can now buy it.
  • Imran Khan 200
  • Albert Cuevas 200 brother
  • Ashok Adhikari I have A guitar to sell too👍👍
  • Bap skidoodledoody It sounds good, im just selling cause i bought a new one.
  • Sameer Dams I meant pure accoustic
  • Sameer Dams how does it sound?
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200 AED, delivery included