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Posted 77 days ago


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  • mobi mobi they already picked the item let me check
  • Tariq Majeed still I didn't get this item.....
  • rose lover I hope they have finally picked it up
  • mobi mobi rose lover your item they will pick tommarow i already contacted them
  • mobi mobi they will pick today bro
  • Tariq Majeed & what about my order..???
  • rose lover ok
  • mobi mobi bro i told them to arrange another courier for your order please wait i will let you know once the order is picked
  • rose lover still nothing on the Powerbank-VR order ? , what's going on with it
  • mobi mobi 120 last i can give bro
  • Tariq Majeed Make it 110.
  • rose lover leave that , it will be cheaper if I buy seperate
  • rose lover the issue now is that the price will be higher for me because of the change in the refral program . if you give the VR and Powerbank for 130 , then I will consider otherwise not
  • mobi mobi sorry for your previous order delay
  • mobi mobi bro buy it again you will get with in 3 days
  • rose lover I ordered one over 20 days ago . still it hasn't been shipped, what is taking so long ?
  • Umer Khtab last how much
  • Umer Khtab hi
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120 AED, delivery included