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Posted 75 days ago

Airpods master copy

Airpods master copy support wireless charging can connect between two device have better sound quality latest version of Bluetooth sensory touching
  • Brand : other
  • Condition : NEW
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  • Martin Yo-an ok shukran
  • Issa Niang when you want to charge them put them in the small box then you press the button it's will be charged in 10 or 15 minutes when they are full they will automatically be connected on your disease
  • Issa Niang so after it will connect automatically just put them in the box case then press the small button on the box two time it will search your device then will connect automatically
  • Issa Niang for the first time connect it manuel hold the right aide until is blinging red and blue then you connect it after doing the same with the Left Finish
  • Martin Yo-an any tips in connecting to phone because sometimes it works and sometimes not i followed the instructions in the manual but sometimes its not working
  • Martin Yo-an and iam so loving it...its like 100% original airpod thank u thank u
  • Martin Yo-an oh yeah its working thanks tho...
  • Issa Niang myself I'm using this on Android
  • Issa Niang yes of course
  • Martin Yo-an can i use this to Android
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