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Posted 39 days ago

786 lucky number

Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Lovepreet singh Message me personally
  • Ved Kashyap 300
  • Rushil_Prince better go buy a Ferrari, fake ads!
  • Sarim Sajeed I can buy a house with this note ?? 😀😀
  • Rushil_Prince even u started scamming? 😂😂😂
  • Lovepreet singh It is not banned
  • Rushil_Prince 😂😂😂 Really Bro? Banned notes in India? You want to sell it to us? 😂😂😂
  • Sarim Sajeed give this 100 rupees in charity that will be better
  • AL Hashemi Please stop ✋🏻 it , put your 100 rupees in your pocket and be lucky
  • Lovepreet singh Al hashmi and sarim sajeed brothers open this link and see
  • Lovepreet singh See
  • Lovepreet singh
  • Lovepreet singh Really
  • Rizbin Please Make It 200015 Dhs,I Would Like To Buy
  • Rizbin 🤣
  • Azhar Shaikh Bro sell kar do jalli nahi to modi gi ye bhi band Kar de ge
  • Sarim Sajeed no rich people buy notes
  • Lovepreet singh This note is for rich persons of dubai
  • Lovepreet singh Ok
  • Sarim Sajeed this Indian rupees that also 100 you are selling for 200020 in India I can buy house for that much
  • Lovepreet singh Check about notes price
  • Sarim Sajeed what do I see on Google ??
  • Lovepreet singh See on google
  • AL Hashemi 😂🤣👋
  • Sarim Sajeed I can buy a car with price you are selling
  • Sarim Sajeed or maybe 7
  • Lovepreet singh Ok
  • Sarim Sajeed my past price 6 dhs
  • Lovepreet singh Message me personally pls
  • Lovepreet singh Your last price
  • Sarim Sajeed last price ?
  • Lovepreet singh Thanks
  • AL Hashemi Ok Good luck
  • Lovepreet singh Dont comment
  • AL Hashemi That much you’re broke that you want to earn with 100 rupees serial number ? 😳🤷‍♂️
  • Om Ahmed 100 rupees is 5 AED😆
  • naeemfatiwala 😂
  • AL Hashemi Why how much is 100 rupees to AED?
  • Lovepreet singh Really
  • AL Hashemi 5 AED
  • Lovepreet singh Ask me what is the best price for this note
  • Lovepreet singh If you can’t buy then don’t say anything about my things
  • Lovepreet singh Why
  • AL Hashemi You crazy !
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