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Posted 1126 days ago

Pioneer Dj Mixer

Hi, I'm selling brand new#Pioneer Dj Mixer cdj 200Onexus with djm 2OOO
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Maimai Thanks. I'll wait for it.
  • Strings now
  • Maimai when? 😒😒
  • Strings i will send u the picture
  • Maimai how am I able to get what I need if your not cooperating Mr. string? is this really legit? 😡
  • Strings hello
  • Cindy boss hello
  • Maimai hello?
  • Maimai I already send you my number.
  • Maimai and can you send me actual of this one?
  • Maimai how much is that?
  • Strings good day.sorry for the inconvenience.cdj 4OO is not available but i have cdj 85O.
  • Maimai hi. I need cdj 400 . but I'm interested bout this. I'm sending you messages but you didn't answer.
  • Strings yes it is still avaiable.Brand new piece with original packing.
  • Maimai can I see the whole pic?
  • Maimai hi. still available?
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